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  • Posted Date: 11/03/2023
  • Expires on: 12/01/2023
  • Description:
  • Details We are looking for a PhD candidate to join a new research project led by Dr. Joanna Strycharz, Dr. Hilde Voorveld, and Dr. Corine Meppelink: “Other side of algorithmic persuasion: undesired persuasive effects beyond privacy and how consumers can cope with them”. The project is embedded in the Amsterdam School of Communication Research at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, University of Amsterdam. This 4-year PhD project aims to investigate the unintended and potentially harmful impact of algorithmic persuasion on individuals and the society.The PhD project will focus on three research areas: (1) mapping the unintended effects of algorithmic persuasion within the domain of communication science and advertising research (2) identifying individual and situational factors that might increase consumers’ perceived vulnerability to these harms, (3) developing effective strategies that will increase persuasion knowledge among consumers related to such harms and hence foster people’s coping ability with algorithmic persuasion. As the project will both have scientific and societal impact, it is important that the insights obtained within this research projects will be shared with interested stakeholders within and outside academia. The PhD candidate is expected to also contribute to such outreach activities.Requirements
    • a (Research) Master’s degree in Communication Science, Psychology or a related field (such as Marketing, Social Science or Digital Humanities), or will obtain this degree before the start of the project;
    •  a strong interest in and preferably knowledge of the topic of algorithmic persuasion (or e.g., personalization) and can ideally demonstrate this with demonstrable knowledge on this topic (e.g., study assignments, MSc. thesis)
    • a firm basis in and ideally experience with research methods and data analysis, in particular: systematic literature reviews, qualitative interviews, experimentation, and open science principles;
    • strongly committed to methodological rigor and scientific integrity;
    • curious and eager to learn new skills and theoretical perspectives including interdisciplinary collaborations;
    • excellent spoken and written command of English (as you will write an English-language dissertation and present at international conferences); being able to speak and write in Dutch is desirable but not essential;
    • excellent social and organizational skills;
    • eager to contribute to the scientific field;
    • motivated to share your knowledge with academic and non-academic audiences;
    • able to work in a team.
  • Fields
    • Communication
    • Psychology
    • Social work
  • Qualifications
    • Master

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