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Job Position: Admin Manager

Job Location: Ibadan, Oyo

Job Description

  1. Provide and manage all resources the company requires to efficiently and effectively carry out its core businesses. In the process, make money, by managing expenses to the barest.
  2. Manage, Maintain, and Repair
  3. Keep updated company assets log – team is to update the company assets log, for presentation/submission to the accounts department and management, every quarter.
  4. Manage and ensure proper use of the company assets


  1. All building related documents are in place and renewed as and when due ie Insurance, Rent, other Government papers, tenement rate etc
  2. Activities like hoisting the flags by 8 a.m and lowered at 5;30 p.m, filling the people movement register should all be religiously carried out, monitored and documented.
  3. There is adequate supply of electricity (Public and private generated)

Motor Vehicle:

  1. Ensure all vehicle particulars, local govt papers and insurance are in place – Maintain a register to monitor each car’s documents.
  2. All cars must have a user signed allocation form attached to it. A user must be discharged of the allocation immediately car is retrieved from him/her.
  3. Document/file repairs to create proper history for decision making. Properly evaluate each repairs request before authorizing.
  4. Car repairs requests should be treated urgently.
  5. Ensure to have 3 to 4 active vendor alternatives.
  6. Each car’s file must contain information of ALL activities related to the car – ie from car picture, documentation of repairs, user of car, tyre replacement etc
  7. Every official car within the company’s premise must always be washed/kept clean ie if a car is washed, driven out and gets dirty it must be washed before being parked.


  1. Ensure adequate provision to prevent downtime. Storage.
  2. Standardize requisition processes for all supplies – replacements; accessories. Procure supplies by; obtaining requests from 3 to 4 vendors, negotiate price, and be mindful of quality.
  3. Keep log of procurement. Store items in frequent use.
  4. Device means to ensure materials are efficiently used
  5. Manage usage – to enable Admin department keep within expense budget


  1. Standardize procedure/process and documents required before a travel.
  2. Consistently evaluate, & standardize cost of fueling per route for each category of vehicle


  1. Establish fire assembly point; fire alarms, service fire extinguisher. Perform fire drills
  2. Security – create job expectation for internal security. Maintain good relationship with external security agencies.
  3. Maintain good relationship with relevant government agencies. i.e police etc
  4. Maintain relationship with company’s lawyers
  5. Update staff of events through our communication channels.
  6. Keep a ‘Memo’ file, of copies of ALL memo’s issued, for referral
  7. Keep and update content of First Aid box
  8. Communicate via email, stickers or workshops, on required standards for handling company’s properties.
  9. a transaction that involves an email sent or document dispatched is NOT completed until you have received and appropriately filed/stored an acknowledgment for future referral
  10. Coordinate with Personnel for yuletide gifts
  11. Manage Staff Legal cases

Admin (Facility) – Building:

  1. Monitor to ensure external appearance of the building and its environs is clean and neat always i.e painted, grass, flowers must be well trimmed and watered, waste disposal, compound etc well maintained.
  2. Inside of building well cleaned, floors and offices should be cleaned before start of work at 8am, blinds dusted daily, waste bins disposed, toilets clean (roster in place) – provision of toilet utilities.
  3. The building appearance is neat and clean ie the walls well painted, signages are conspicuous and well lit.
  4. Regular inspection of premises to quickly address defects caused by wear and tear – Ensure conducive working environment.

Furniture and Fittings:

  1. Maintain a log for basic carpentry, fittings & furniture.
  2. Provide all items required in this category to enhance workflow.
  3. Adequate maintenance to prevent breakdown.

Plumbing and Electrical:

  1. All plumbing related activities i.e toilets, taps, tanks etc.
  2. All electrical related activities i.e a/c, lightings, switches should be monitored and maintained adequately.


  1. Device means to ensure that materials are efficiently used.
  2. Manage usage – ensure company keeps within expense budget.
  3. Team’s primary obligation is to properly manage the COMPANY’S ASSETS to ensure longevity.

Application Deadline
16th October, 2023.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should send their Applications and CV to: using the Job Title as the subject of the mail.

Note: Applicants should Preferably be residing in Ibadan/oyo environs.

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