Doctoral Degree Position in Physical Sciences, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom

  • Expires on: 06/30/2024

Embark on a transformative journey in materials science with a fully funded PhD opportunity at the University of Liverpool. Under the supervision of Professor Anna Slater and Professor Prudence Wong, this research project focuses on the development of bespoke algorithms for autonomous optimization in flow chemistry, addressing crucial challenges in material production efficiency. Open to students worldwide, this funded studentship offers an exceptional opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge research in physical sciences.

The PhD project aims to address the challenge of efficiently arriving at optimal conditions for material production, particularly focusing on flow chemistry. By developing bespoke algorithms for autonomous optimization, the research seeks to enhance the efficiency, sustainability, and scalability of material production processes. Through experimentation and iterative algorithm development, the project will explore various optimization approaches to maximize cost-effectiveness, product yield, and sustainability while generating process models.

This opportunity aligns with the global demand for researchers equipped with expertise in materials chemistry, digital intelligence, and automation, crucial for addressing challenges such as achieving Net Zero and advancing high-performance materials across industries. The selected candidate will join a vibrant research community at the Materials Innovation Factory (MIF), benefiting from tailored training programs and collaboration with industrial partners.


  • Open to students worldwide.
  • Candidates should have a background in physical sciences, engineering, computer sciences, or related fields.
  • Strong interest and aptitude in materials chemistry, digital intelligence, and automation.
  • Applicants must meet the entry requirements for PhD study at the University of Liverpool.

How to Apply: 

Interested candidates should apply by completing the online postgraduate research application form via the University of Liverpool’s website. Please ensure to include the project title and reference number CCPR114 when applying. Applications are open until June 30th, 2024. Early applications are encouraged, as they will be considered upon receipt.

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