Doctoral Degree Program in Mechanical Engineering, University of Utah, United States

Expires on: 04/30/2024


Join our dynamic research team at the University of Utah, where we explore diverse topics in energy, physics, and programming. We offer various positions for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and undergraduates, providing invaluable research experiences in cutting-edge fields. Scholarships and assistantships are available for eligible candidates.

Our research lab at the University of Utah offers an array of opportunities spanning energy, physics, and programming. From investigating heat transfer and thermodynamics to exploring solid-state physics and machine learning applications, our projects are diverse and cutting-edge. We provide positions for Ph.D. students with research or teaching assistantships, scholarships for master’s students, and valuable research experiences for undergraduates. Additionally, self-funded postdocs and visiting scholars are welcome to collaborate with us in various research areas. Join us to engage in exciting research projects and advance your academic and professional career.


  • Ph.D. Student Positions: Applicants should possess a strong background in math and physics, with interests in heat transfer, thermodynamics, statistical physics, molecular dynamics simulations, solid-state physics, quantum mechanics, density functional theory, machine learning, laser flash thermal conductivity measurement, and nanomaterials synthesis & characterization.
  • Master Student Positions: Self-funded master’s students or those with scholarship support from the department are welcome.
  • Undergraduate Student Positions: Undergraduates interested in gaining research experience are encouraged to apply.
  • Self-funded Postdoc (or Visiting Scholar) Positions: Postdocs and visiting scholars with expertise in heat transfer, electrical transport, materials science, and computer science are invited to join.

How to Apply

To apply, please send your CV and all transcripts to Ensure your application includes transcripts, as applications without them will not be reviewed. Use “PhD application”, “MS application”, or “Postdoc application” as the subject of your email. Please refrain from sending reminder emails after the initial application due to the high volume of applications received.

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