Doctoral Degree Research Position in Computer Science, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom

Expires on: 12/31/2023


We are seeking applications for a PhD student at the Department of Computer Science to join our team in creating the theoretical foundations for computing over data in compressed form.

Graph-structured datasets such as knowledge graphs or social networks are growing in importance and size; at the same time, computation is increasingly pushed to mobile devices with limited memory capacity. Many applications yield large, but partially repetitive and predictable datasets, which makes them compressible; but on mobile devices, data is only useful when it can be queried directly in a compressed representation that fits into the device memory. Current methods for computing over compressed data do not yet work well for this scenario.


  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics


The ideal candidate will have a keen interest in algorithms and data structures with a strong foundation in discrete mathematics from a research-oriented undergraduate and/or MSc course in computer science of mathematics. Knowledge and experience in information theory, data compression, succinct data structures, graph theory, or analysis of algorithms are an asset.

This project includes funding for public-engagement workshops to convey advanced data compression concepts to a young audience through arts and crafts.  The candidate is welcome to participate in these activities.

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