Doctoral Education Pilot Program, Tampere University, Finland

Expires on: 04/22/2024


Tampere University: Tampere University announces the recruitment of 106 fully funded PhD candidates for a three-year term as part of the national doctoral education pilot. Various positions are available in innovative fields such as photonics, microelectronics, precision cancer medicine, artificial intelligence, quantum studies, software engineering, and more. Successful candidates will benefit from competitive salaries, committed supervision, access to cutting-edge research infrastructure, and a relocation service package.


  • Highly qualified and motivated doctoral researchers seeking to contribute to Finnish industry, society, and academia.
  • Must commit to completing doctoral studies within the three-year target time.
  • Candidates must be pursuing a doctoral degree in the respective discipline or have been accepted (within a trial period of 6 months).
  •  For existing study rights for a doctoral degree at Tampere University, it must be awarded on 1 November 2023, or thereafter to be eligible.


Interested candidates should apply for positions via the Open positions website of Tampere University. Application deadlines vary for each pilot, so applicants are advised to check the specific deadlines for their desired positions. For detailed information on admission requirements and pilot-specific instructions, refer to the job postings for each pilot. For inquiries regarding the doctoral education pilot, please contact

Last Date: Application deadlines vary for each pilot:

For some positions, the application period ends as early as 1 April, 2024. For others, the application period extends until 22 April, 2024. Applicants should refer to the specific deadlines for each position and apply accordingly.

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