Fully Funded PhD Position in Behavioural Ecology, Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague

Expires on: 02/23/2024


We are excited to announce a fully funded PhD student position for a 4-year research project in behavioural ecology, titled “Foraging in the Landscape of Peril.” The successful candidate will join the international team at the Department of Game Management and Wildlife Biology, Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, Czech Republic, under the supervision of Associate Prof. Tomasz Podgórski.

The project involves three main elements, allowing flexibility in the overall contribution of each to the PhD:

  1. Testing and evaluating avoidance/aversion responses to olfactory cues of predator/pathogen in boar and deer in controlled wildlife enclosures in the Czech Republic.
  2.  Trade-off experiments involving exposure to cues of predation and infection risk in natural feeding sites for wild boar and red deer.
  3. Analysis of bio-logged behavioural data from wild populations using pre-processed data from wild boar and red deer.

The work will include intensive fieldwork, video-analysis, and computational analysis of bio-logging and GPS-telemetry data, aiming to produce three high-quality peer-reviewed papers.

Eligibility: Prospective candidates should possess a Master’s degree in zoology, ecology, biology, forestry, or a related field. Proficiency in English, ecological statistics, and experience with R is essential. Fieldwork experience with wild or captive animals, quantitative skills in movement or bio-logging data, and a valid EU driving license are desired.

Documents: To apply, submit the following documents in a single PDF (less than 10 MB) to podgorski@fld.czu.cz:

  •  Motivation Letter (1 page): Describe your experience, research interests, and how you fit the project.
  •  CV: Include educational background, publications, and relevant experiences.
  • 2 Academic Letters of Recommendation: From former supervisors or collaborators.

How to Apply: Follow the application instructions above and email the required documents to podgorski@fld.czu.cz.

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