Fully Funded PhD Program in Mathematics and Statistics, Lancaster University, United Kingdom

Expires on: 03/15/2024


Lancaster University’s Department of Mathematics and Statistics invites applications for fully-funded PhD scholarships in various programs. The scholarships cover a wide range of research areas within the department and offer an excellent opportunity for aspiring researchers to contribute to cutting-edge projects.

The scholarships provide full funding for tuition fees and a stipend for living expenses. Lancaster University, renowned for its impactful research, offers a supportive environment for postgraduate researchers to develop specialized knowledge and broader research skills.

Eligibility: Applicants are expected to hold a minimum of a UK Honours degree at a 2:1 level or equivalent in a relevant undergraduate degree course. Specific project criteria may apply, and master’s level understanding of statistical modeling is desirable.

Documents: To apply, submit the following documents:

  • Application Form: Download from the Natural Sciences Funded PhD Application Form.
  • CV: Include with the completed Application Form.
  •  Reference Form: Download from the Natural Sciences Funded PhD Reference Form, send to two referees, and request them to forward it to naturalsci@lancaster.ac.uk.

How to Apply:

  •  Complete the Application Form, renaming the document with your ‘Name and Application Form’ (e.g., Joe Bloggs Application Form).
  • Submit the completed Application Form and CV to naturalsci@lancaster.ac.uk (Word or pdf files only).
  • Rename the referee form with your ‘Name and Reference’ (e.g., Joe Bloggs Reference) and send it to two referees. Request them to forward the form to naturalsci@lancaster.ac.uk (Word or pdf files only).

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