Phd Position in Agrobiosciences and Crop Production, Sant’Anna di Pisa, Italy

Expires on: 05/07/2024


5 PhD Fully Funded Positions in Agrobiosciences [Genomics and Crop Production, Agriculture Environment] at Sant’Anna di Pisa in Italy; The aim of the Programme is to use a high-level teaching and research path to train persons of high scientific and professional profile who are just as able to successfully enter:- National and International public and private research institutions.- Organizations and companies working with advanced technologies in the field of plant biotechnology and crop production. Organizations and companies working in the organization and planning of sustainable agriculture at a farm and territorial level.

Scholarships are for the duration of the relevant Ph.D. Programmes and confirmed annually upon admission to the following year by approval from the Advisory Board of the individual Programme. Ph.D. scholarships are awarded following the ranking order, except for scholarships linked to specific topics or research projects, which may be awarded to the first eligible candidate(s) identified by the Selection Committee. The annual budget for each student comprises a scholarship of € 16,243.00 including social security charges payable by the recipient and paid in monthly instalments in arrears, and a housing grant of € 2,200/year.

The Programme is aimed at the acquisition of high-level skills, necessary to carry out research activities in one or more of the thematic areas included in the Ph.D. programme and represented by the members of the college in an autonomous, original, and methodologically rigorous manner. PhD students will be able to tackle complex research problems and formulate and test hypotheses with a full knowledge and understanding of the most important research methodologies and techniques.

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