PhD Position in Biomechanical Engineering, TU Delft, The Netherlands

Expires on: 03/31/2024


Embark on a groundbreaking research journey by joining our team at the Vienna Doctoral School in Chemistry. Explore the intricate details of heart failure and delve into the microstructural organization and macromechanical behavior of cardiac tissue. This fully funded PhD position is an opportunity to contribute to the Horizon Europe VITAL consortium’s efforts in developing predictive cardiovascular digital twins for personalized medical treatment optimization.

The selected candidate will engage in a multidisciplinary project, employing advanced optical imaging, biomechanical tissue testing, and human disease modeling platforms. The research aims to unravel the intricate connection between myocardial tissue’s microstructural organization and macroscale mechanical behavior. The candidate will actively contribute to experimental design, tissue experiments, development of mechanical testing and imaging techniques, data analysis, and computational modeling.


  • Master’s degree (or equivalent) in (bio)medical sciences, (bio)physics, bioengineering, mechanical engineering, clinical technology, or a related field.
  • Prior experience in tissue culture, bioprinting, microscopic imaging, bioreactors, and additive manufacturing.
  • Familiarity with finite element analysis and mathematical modeling of soft tissue behavior is advantageous.
  • Strong research-oriented attitude and motivation for teaching and supervision activities.
  • Proficiency in English (min. C1 level) is essential.

How to Apply:

  • Submit your application by 31st March 2024 via the online application portal.
  •  Include a cover letter describing your motivation and qualifications, a curriculum vitae, academic transcript, a list of publications, and the contact information of three references.
  •  Ensure your application is complete, including a digital copy of your MSc thesis (if applicable).

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