Postdoctoral Research in Molecular/Structural Biology, John Innes Centre, United Kingdom

Expires on: 03/15/2024


The Webster Group at John Innes Centre focuses on understanding the molecular machines expressing photosynthetic genes. Using cryo-EM, they aim to determine structural models of large protein complexes and develop mechanistic models of their activity.

The Postdoctoral Researcher will study the structure and function of molecular machinery expressing photosynthetic genes. This involves preparing gene expression complexes, utilizing cryo-EM, and interpreting results alongside biochemical and proteomics experiments.


£35,300 – £43,750 per annum depending on qualifications and experience.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate should have a PhD in molecular biology, expertise in protein biochemistry and structural biology, and a strong interest in molecular mechanisms supporting gene expression. Experience in cryo-EM is desirable, and training will be provided.

Contact Information

For inquiries, contact Dr Michael Webster, Group Leader, at

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