Job Title: Project Manager ONSITE

Location: Lagos

Job Engagement: Full Time

Job Type: Contract

Salary: USD 42,000 – 60,000 Pa

The Role
Your Responsibilities will include:

Landscape Assessment

  • Understand full SKU range that is currently being produced in existing plant(s).
  • With inputs of cross-functional teams, finalize the list of SKUs for which manufacturing has to be moved to Nigeria based on defined criteria.
  • Understand volume growth for next 3 years by SKU for all markets.
  • Understand the BOM and key RM/ PM required for these volumes over next 3 years.
  • Understand the current supplier base for this RM/ PM and if the supply base will remain same/ change.

Capability Assessment

  • Evaluate the capacity and capabilities required to make these volumes over next 3 years in mixing, filling, utilities, building.
  • Work with Q&C and R&D to finalize the equipment and capabilities.
  • Understand any special storage and QC requirements to handle these materials.
  • Assess if any external/ regulatory certifications are required to export to these markets/ customers.
  • Evaluate any local regulations that might need to be adhered/ implemented to manufacture this product portfolio in Nigeria.
  • Assessment of technical capabilities / talent to manage the technology/ equipment.

Site and Layout Assessment

  • Based on the assessments, define the plant layout and space required to house these capacities and capabilities for both manufacturing areas as well as storage areas.
  • Work out 2-3 options [Expand existing plan, setup new SEZ plant, Re-organization of plant layout, etc.) to house this layout.
  • Pros/ Cons and Cost Comparison on the options and get the due approvals.
  • Engage external consultants to finalize the site with all legal, regulatory approvals.

Project Management

  • Define the overall Project Network, Critical Path Schedule for overall transition.
  • Work with operations and regional teams on overall ramp up/ ramp down/ inventory build up plans to support that. Get due approvals.
  • Work with technical and civil consultants on overall capex requirement for the defined layouts and project based on the final plan and get approvals.
  • Engage an overall project execution agency following the right controls protocols and oversee the project execution till commissioning phase.
  • Be the overall custodian of capex spend, tracking and accounting.
  • Partner with manufacturing team and HR to build or chart for the new operations and finalize a training / induction plan well ahead of commissioning.
  • Work with Q&C, R&D to define line qualification and commissioning protocols and commission the project and give running hand over to the manufacturing operations team.


  • Ensure EHS guidelines are met in execution and also in design. Right First time.
  • Ensure that necessary approvals from statutory bodies are applied and taken on time (e.g. factories inspectorate, pollution control board, labour inspectorate, product approvals, etc.).
  • Identify any Fixed Asset Disposal/ Ramp down plan, get approvals and help find right partners and execute.
  • Understand any sunk costs/ write off costs/ retrenchment costs across people/ assets/ RM/PM/ FG and get due approvals and execute as per plan and compliance.

Program Management

  • Share weekly updates to the right CFT(Cross Functional team) on update of progress.
  • Proactively call out risks/ barriers and call out for help.
  • Have a detailed contingency plan especially for business continuity/ volume for going concern markets especially during transition.
  • Have a business risk matrix for the project and detailed risk mitigation plan.

Ideal Profile
Skills Required:

6-10 years experience in manufacturing/ Project management/ Supply Chain.
Bachelors in Engineering. MBA in operations/ supply chain would be an added advantage.
Good experience of managing capacity expansion projects.
Hands on experience of managing similar capacity addition project and/ or managing FMCG plants.
Excellent understanding of technology landscape in FMCG manufacturing and supply chain.
Program Management/ Project Management Fundamentals.
Ability to work with vendors and internal/ external partners to finalize technology for manufacturing and identify new improved technology/ automation/manufacturing / process improvements.
Exceptional leadership, influence and cross functional collaboration capabilities.

What’s on Offer?
Opportunity within a company with a solid track record of performance
Join a market leader within FMCG
Fantastic work culture

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