Scholarships from the University of Borås

The University of Borås offers scholarships to highly qualified students required to pay tuition fees.

The scholarships offered by the University of Borås are intended to cover the tuition fee by approximately 75 percent, they are not designed to cover living costs. The payment is not made in monetary terms; instead the tuition fee will be reduced by the amount of the tuition fee waiver.

The University’s criteria in awarding scholarships are good study records as well as qualifications that the University assesses to be in line with the University’s prioritised educational or research areas.

For full conditions see our Guidelines for granting scholarships to tuition fee paying students at the University of Borås (pdf)

Are you not sure if you are required to pay tuition fees? Read more under Tuition Fees


The application for scholarships for 2023 is now closed.

Students who are granted a scholarship will be notified shortly after the selection result is published in March 2023.

Scholarships for current students at the University of Borås

For students already enrolled in a two year lasting programme at University of Borås, there is a possibility to apply for a scholarship which covers up to 75 percent of the tuition fees for the remaining two semesters of the programme. Information and application form will be available on the website during spring semester 2023.

The application for scholarships for year two autumn 2023 opens in March 2023.

Contact us here for details:

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