Senior Manager at SunFi


SunFi is an energy financial technology platform that connects people who want solar energy access to payment plans that match their needs. We work with qualified third-party installers to access easier and faster.

Job Position: Senior Manager, User Services

Job Location: Lagos

Job Description

  1. The User Services team at SunFi falls under the purview of Operations and within the supervision of the Chief Operating Officer (COO).
  2. The Senior Manager of Operations is responsible for managing the day-to-day activities of the User Services team.
  3. The Senior Manager, User Services directs and manages the day-to-day activities of the User Services unit’s operations, providing strategic advice to the COO and supporting business operations of the Company.
  4. The User Services Senior Manager will collaborate with leadership from other business units to ensure optimum user satisfaction.

Job Responsibilities
Operational Performance Management:

  1. Responsible for driving the Company’s User Services unit to operational excellence leveraging the Company’s performance management tools
  2. Set targets and develop benchmarks; track, revise, and improve performance metrics that will help maintain low default rates, in collaboration with other Units and in line with Company goals
  3. Update KPI and OKR trackers and suggest improvement opportunities
  4. Vet and onboard technically sound Distributed Energy Provider (DEP) partners systematically and expeditiously, balancing speed to onboard and delivery quality
  5. Develop technical specifications and other operational metrics/standards to ensure efficient operations
  6. Evaluate Distributed Energy Provider (DEP) operational performance and develop robust rating mechanisms to facilitate DEP performance categorization
  7. Provide timely, accurate, and complete reports on the operating condition of the User Services unit
  8. Direct short-term and long-range planning and budget development to support strategic business goals
  9. Manage First Time Right installations of customers’ energy solutions
  10. Develop policies to increase efficiency throughout the supply chain while ensuring quality and safety; implement subsequent changes to processes.
  11. Provide inputs, evaluation of process, and implementation of supply planning technology will be critical to success in this role. This role will collaborate with the Growth team, Installation partners, and relevant stakeholders.

User Success:

  1. Ensure Distributed Energy Provider (DEP) user satisfaction and retention to support the Company in achieving and surpassing sales, profitability, cash flow, and business goals and objectives
  2. Ensure end-consumer user satisfaction and retention, leveraging DEPs to execute relevant solutions and payment plans
  3. Collaborate with other members of Team SunFi, including Technology and product teams, Growth team, Finance team, and People Operations to ensure users satisfactorily utilize the platform
  4. Manage the rapid response of customer issues by internal or external stakeholders

People Management:

  1. Provide day-to-day leadership and management guidance which mirrors the adopted corporate mission and core values. Bottom Line: build up an efficient and sustainable User Services unit that caters to needs of the Company’s product users
  2. Motivate and lead a high-performance User Services team; attract, recruit and retain required members of the team not currently in place; provide mentoring as a cornerstone to the development of team members
  3. Ensure User Services organization structure is appropriate for the Company’s business objectives and set-up to optimize team performance
  4. Foster a success-oriented, accountable environment within the Company
  5. Support personnel actions by ensuring all HR and related functions are properly performed in timely manner.

Process Efficiency:

  1. Spearhead the development, communication, and implementation of efficient and effective processes
  2. Monitor processes that ensure efficient onboarding of Distributed Energy Provider partners and direct-contact end-consumers
  3. Responsible for executing & improving processes (internal and external) and key performance indicators for the business and for their measurement and effectiveness
  4. Ensure proper documentation of processes and mapping of workflows
  5. Ensure that Company has the proper operational controls, administrative, and reporting procedures to meet operational and financial targets.

Structural Programs:

  1. Associate Installer (ASI) program: Develop and operate Associate Installer (ASI) program that can help execute and fulfill end-consumer orders
  2. Training: Develop a technical training program for relevant User Services stakeholders, including ASIs
  3. DEP ranking program: Create, implement, and operate DEP rating system and lead-referral guidelines that utilize the rating system; continuously improve rating system and lead-referrals
  4. Default Minimization System: Develop, implement, and monitor the Company’s Quality Assurance & Default Minimization System.

Job Requirements

  1. Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university or college
  2. Masters and/or MBA are preferred
  3. Start-up experience preferred
  4. Engineering background preferred
  5. Minimum of 5+ years of experience in developing broad-scoped business relationships and managing and growing Business Operations
  6. Comfortable using computers
  7. Expertise with Microsoft Office (emphasis on Word, Excel & PowerPoint)
  8. Ability to use Google suites.


  1. Ability to develop, layout, and follow through on detailed business plans and programs
  2. Practical and effective problem-solving skills
  3. Strong negotiating ability
  4. Strong interpersonal and leadership skills
  5. Self-confidence and emotional intelligence
  6. Strong business and financial acumen
  7. Strong oral and written communication skills, with demonstrated ability to communicate clearly and listen attentively
  8. Integrative team working style, easy contact, rapid to adaptation, can foster team spirit and collaborate cross-functionally
  9. Ability to effectively interface with all levels of employees and external stakeholders
  10. Working knowledge of assigned systems and User organization and practices
  11. Team player with a competitive spirit to excel and the ability to influence and motivate others
  12. Ability to resolve conflicts timely and effectively, including demonstrated ability to respond effectively to sensitive inquiries or complaints
  13. Ability to multi-task and take on additional responsibilities in line with the vision of the team
  14. Professional disposition with positive attitude, open-mindedness, and willingness to learn from team members
  15. Good decision-making skills.


  1. Comprehensive Family/Personal Healthcare
  2. Flexible Access to Salary and Employee Support Facilities
  3. Employee Solar Power Program
  4. Life and Career Coaching Masterclass
  5. Flexible Access to over 11,000 learning resources and opportunities
  6. Amazing colleagues and a great work culture
  7. Team Bonding and a chance to build a world-class Clean Energy FinTech!

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV to: using the Job Title as the subject of the mail.

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