Delft Global and the department of Urbanism invite young African teachers, researchers, and public servants to apply for this special scholarship.

This scholarship is intended for young (younger than 35 y.o.) African teachers who wish to attend the Summer School Planning and Design with Water, organised yearly by the Department of Urbanism of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment of the TU Delft.

This scholarship is relevant because the Summer School offers training in three crucial elements for African urbanisation:

  • Spatial planning and urban design of resilient sustainable cities, with an introduction to the Dutch style of plan-making and water management
  • Spatial Justice
  • Innovative, interactive and practical education, with a good overview of methods and teaching styles at TU Delft

The decision to recruit a young teacher has to do with her/his capacity to act as a multiplier of knowledge acquired at the Summer School in her/his institution in Africa. We emphasise opportunities for young female African teachers.

This scholarship also offers the opportunity to create more links with African higher education institutions for future research and educational partnerships.



  • Be 35 years old or younger by December of the year of application.
  • Be affiliated to a higher education or research institution, or to a local or national government. This scholarship is for young teachers or civil servants working with urban or regional planning.
  • Be able to provide proof of affiliation (letter confirming you are affiliated to an institution or local government, signed and stamped).
  • Be able to speak fluent English.
  • Be able to teach the principles learned at the Summer School at their institutions of origin (they must have a teaching or instructor position).
  • Be a teacher or civil servant in one of the following areas: Architecture, Urban design, Spatial planning (town, urban and regional planning), Environmental engineering, Water engineering, Urban law and management, Political sciences, Public administration, Areas that have a close relationship with planning and design of sustainable cities and communities


  • Please read the conditions for this scholarship before applying, and make sure you are eligible.
  • Write a 800 word motivation letter explaining your ideas and how you can benefit from the Summer School. This is a PERSONAL letter, so you should avoid using clichés and sentences that you find on model motivation letters. We are interested in you as a person and as a teacher.
  • Prepare a two-page CV with your academic and professional information. Don’t forget to explain your activities as a teacher/ instructor, researcher or civil servant.
  • Add a LETTER from another senior teacher or senior public servant from your institution confirming that you are affiliated and what is your role in the institution. This letter must be signed.
  • Prepare a three minute VIDEO explaining who you are, what are your activities and how you think the Summer School can benefit you.
  • Send materials in a zipped folder to mentioning YOUNG AFRICAN TEACHER SCHOLARSHIP. Please use the website to send the ZIP file.
  • Follow the normal procedures for application HERE.



  • Be present at ALL sessions of the Summer School and take part of the school actively, participating in one of the groups
  • Be able to write a text of approximately 1000-words on the insights of the Summer School for their own national conditions
  • Be able to write a short 1000-word text explaining their impressions and findings in the Summer School
  • Be able to deliver a short 15 minute lecture explaining the challenges of urbanisation in their country of origin (alternatively, and in agreement with the organisation of the Summer School, candidates can talk about their current research endeavours or professional practice)


The winner of the scholarship will have the following benefits:

  • Ticket from and to your country of residence
  • Accommodation during the summer school
  • Meals and transportation allowance

The scholarship covers costs up to 2000 euros. Candidates may choose to spend more or less on each item. If there is excess spending, the candidate will cover the rest of the amount. TU Delft is not responsible for financing a candidate beyond 2000 euros.

Upon completion of the programme, candidates will receive a certificate of their participation in the Summer School.

Click HERE for a testimonial from Njabulo Ngcobo, from the School of Built Environment of the University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, the first recipient of this scholarship.

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