10 reasons why your graduate school applications are being rejected 

Needless to say, graduate school applications usually come with a lot of sacrifices, sleepless nights, and financial commitments. There are people who travel down to their undergraduate schools in order to get transcripts and other documents needed for their graduate school applications.

Dr. Mike was seeking admission into one of the Canadian universities for his master’s degree in Public health, as a result of this, he needed to submit alongside his application, a letter of English language proficiency which could only mean that he had to travel down to his undergraduate institution which was far away North.

He was torn between losing his admission and risking his life to go to the insurgent-infested Borno state for his transcript. The situation of Dr. Mike is one of the many situations and sacrifices that a lot of students seeking postgraduate admissions have to make.

Imagine putting all these efforts in place and afterward getting rejected.

It would suffice to say that rejection doesn’t feel good for anyone.

In this blog, we have documented 10 reasons why you’re experiencing constant rejections in your graduate school applications.

1. A weak statement of purpose

One of the most important parts of your application is your motivation letter popularly called a statement of purpose.

A statement of purpose is an open cheque given to you during your application process to show the admissions committee what you’re capable of doing and the value you intend to bring on board. This is done by highlighting your extracurricular accomplishments for university studies in your statement of purpose. It lets the school assess whether you’re a suitable fit for the campus culture and provides them with a glimpse into your personality aside from your academic accomplishments. It can also be an innovative and entertaining approach to demonstrate your writing abilities! If you have a really low grade from your Bachelor’s degree, then, this is one way to tell your story and show the committee that asides from your grades, you have all it takes to be a part of their community. 

The statement of purpose is highly important, especially when applying to a school with a highly competitive admission process.

Your motivational letter is your selling point and you should make good use of it.

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2. There are other applications stronger than yours

You’ve just gotten a rejection letter in your mailbox which made you feel really terrible, not to worry, your application might not just be strong enough for the program you applied to. You have tried your best and here is one of the reasons why you need a professional to assist you on this journey. Careeredu takes burdens as this off you.

3. You’re sending generic Cover letters, CVs, and statements of purpose

Oftentimes, most of the mistakes students make are that they tailor one document to every institution they’re applying to. The admissions committee is a group of professionals who have been sitting on this panel for donkey years, they know when a student hasn’t done his/her research. There have been cases of students who forgot to edit the names of universities while using the same document to apply to a different university.

Take your time, and do thorough research about each institution you are applying to.

4. Your application is incomplete

This is also one valid reason why students’ applications get rejected. Before starting an application, it is important to get all your documents ready before you proceed. Understand that there are many candidates vying for the same position you’re vying for.

Get yourself ready and get your documents handy at all times.

5. Your application is full of incoherency

While preparing your application, make sure to prepare all without any fraud or misrepresentation. Issues such as submitting forged documents can make your application get rejected. And there are times students have been deported due to this vice. 

6. Your application is full of errors

During your graduate school application, it is not enough to write, get a second pair of eyes to proofread, and scrutinize your documents, especially the statement of purpose and the CV. Understand that the admissions committee has thousands of applications to attend to, in order to make them check the second paragraph of your SOP, write fluently and error-free.

7. Your application is too lengthy

There are institutions that prescribe the number of words they’ll want to see in your application. Stay by it and don’t go beyond the limits. There are a lot of applications waiting to be read, go straight to the point. Make your application short yet concise and straight to the point.

8. You miss the application deadline

Once you miss the application deadline, there is a high probability of your application being rejected. Set a time frame with which to submit your applications and let it be within the ambits of the deadline set by the institution.

9. You don’t meet the academic threshold

There is always an academic threshold set for every department and every institution. The reason why you’re probably being rejected could be that you are applying to highly competitive programs which have extremely high standards of academic threshold.

10. Not telling your story well

There have 2:2 been students who got admitted into programs meanwhile their first-class counterparts didn’t get in. The difference between these two is the way they tell their stories. In as much as the admissions committee is interested in your grades, they’re also keen to know that you have leadership traits and that you’re a person of value who can be a great value add to their community.

In case you’ve had multiple rejections with your graduate school applications and you’re just about throwing in the towel, don’t give up just yet. Send us a dm and let us help set you in the right step. 

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