Positioning yourself for global opportunities in 2023

The year 2022 sure came with a lot of bugging and debugging, with several highs and lows. You probably tried to get into graduate school but you lost out due to several rejections and failures.

One of the blessings of life is knowing that in spite of the not-to-so-good experiences, there is always light at the end of the tunnel

2023 Is a great place to strategize and follow through with your goals, plans, and desires. The rejection of the past year shouldn’t get in the way of your productivity.

This is a new year, restrategize and reposition yourself for the opportunity this year brings.

The question in your mind now is, how do I reposition myself for global opportunities?

We have highlighted in this blog 5 ways in which you can position yourself for the global opportunity that Careeredu brings.

1. Learn a new skill

One cogent way to upskill and get your hands on different things is to upskill, all thanks to Careeredu, we have different programs that will help you upskill and get your hands on different skills which will then prepare you for global opportunities.

With the emergence of the Careeredu tech uni, you can now find courses of choice, enroll and learn from the best tutors in the industry. The courses go for as low as 50,000 naira and this is among the cheapest you can get anywhere. It’s so little compared to the value you’d be getting from each class and lecture.

Courses such as data analytics are available, and the average salary base for a data analyst is $64,678

Also, courses available are Basic Data Analysis (Data Analysis with Excel)
-Intermediate Data Analysis (Data Analysis with Tableau and PowerBi)
-Advanced-Data Analysis (Data Analysis with Python)
-Web Development with WordPress
-Mobile App Development
-Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
-Advanced Digital Marketing
-Complete Copywriting Course
-E-book Writing and Publishing
-Project Management
-Product Management
-Front-end Development
-Back-end Development
-Complete the Video Editing Course
– General Computing
-Complete Graphics Design Course

This goes to tell you that this is one skill that once you master, you can never go wrong with it. Our data analytics training program which spans 4 weeks will take us through the intricacies of data analytics with excel training.

In this course, you will learn the basics concepts of data analysis and statistics which in turn will help companies promote healthy data-driven decision-making

2. Our Care work pathway

It’s no longer news that it has been raining COS-like cats and dogs for some weeks in the career community.

For context, to explain what a COS means, a COS is an electronic document in a sponsoring employer provides the employee with.

It could also be said to be a self-certifying electronic document that enables them to apply for a visa and be accepted into the company. Every foreign employee of the Sponsor is required to have a Certificate of Sponsorship.

Certificate of Sponsorship is your one-way ticket to accessing all the global opportunities you’ve ever wanted or clamored for.

Our Care work pathway is one viable means by which Careeredu has been connecting prospective employers to talents from Nigeria.

Over the past 6 weeks, Careeredu has delivered over 22 COS to families and individuals and while some of them are awaiting their visas, some of them have their visas already.

The hindsight and vision of DR kelvin Alaneme were to see poverty quashed from Nigeria and slowly yet assuredly, this is coming to reality.

In case you’re wondering how then do you position yourself for these opportunities, read on as we will be taking you on a jolly ride as to how you can benefit from our Care work package.

1. Firstly, in other to register your presence with us, you need to make a subscription payment of 70,000 naira to the admin in charge Chisom, Once you do, you’ll be added to a group and from there, you’ll have access to all the resources you need to position you for the next phase.

Here ate the things your subscription contains

1. CV optimization

2. A total of 30 care jobs will be applied for you

3. You will be prepped for your interview 

4. You will be supported during and after

Secondly, there’s something called a special pathway, once you’re subscribed, you’re automatically subscribed to a change of story, and it’s only a matter of time before you become a global agent.

Thirdly, the next step after you must have received your COS is to package your documents for your Visa application, Your POF, COS, POLICE CLEARANCE, TB RESULT

And then patiently wait for your visa.

Once you get your visa, you’re on your way to Muritala Mohammed International airport and on your way to the united kingdom

3. Your study pathway

Like our founder Dr. Kelvin Alaneme always says, education can change the trajectory of your life within the shortest period. This is the reason why at Careeredu, we are introducing better policies to help us give you the best services.

We offer study route pathways for countries of choice such as 

1, Canada

2. United Kingdom

3. Romania

4. Australia

5. Oman

All you need do is send us a DM and we will take on your application from the application stage till you get your offer of admission not only that, we will help you through your settling phase and gives you reviews for your visa application before your final submission.

Need we say more, send us a message to get started ASAP

4. IELTS Training

One of the ways to position yourself for the global opportunity that Careeredu offers is to have your IELTS result handy, for nurses, care workers, and healthcare assistants, Your IELTS is a must-have. 

At Careeredu, our services involve taking you through training for IELTS, the exam is a bit pricey and you wouldn’t want to risk not passing the exam. We have experts who have had experience in teaching and training and preparing people for the IELTS.

What do you need to do, send us a DM and we are right at it.

5. Your CV, Statement of purpose 

One of the access cards to having your dream job is to have a well-optimized CV tailored for the role you’re applying for,

This is the reason why at Careeredu, we have a service that will write your CV to suit the role and purpose for which you’re applying for.

Need say more? send us a message to get started or you can join our telegram community here @ https://careeredu.co.uk/#

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