CareerEdu’s Tech Uni: Here are 5 reasons why you should learn a tech skill 

Tech essentially runs our lives; the average person spends more time on the phone, skimming through information in order to stay informed. Having great tech skills is more than simply a way to enter the IT industry. Being completely unaware of the immediate effects that technology has on our lives and the environment is the same as not knowing what’s happening in the world.
In light of this, we have listed five reasons in this blog article why you should consider a career in technology.

1. The future is tech-driven

With the recent launch of ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) by Open AI as a chatbot in November 2022, technology seems to be replacing human beings faster than we would have imagined.

With the creation of AI nannies to look after embryos in artificial wombs and also the creation of artificial wombs to take care of grossly premature babies, in countries like China, there’s a high rate of robotics activity, and some of the robots have taken over activities such as serving and acting as receptionists at reputable hotels and guest houses.

This shows that the future of the entire universe is tech-driven as nowadays, there is hardly one out of ten youths who is not tech-inclined.

A lot of people in their mid-thirties are also looking to explore the tech world.

In view of this, CareerEdu launched the Tech uni which is seeking to revolutionize and bring learning tech to the forefront of every youth.

We offer the cheapest tech training you can get anywhere. With 50,000 naira, you set your foot on the path to becoming a tech bro or a tech sis.

2. It enhances your marketability for a new job

More often than not, employers look out for a pattern of growth in candidates; for every job, there’s a corresponding tech training and skill application.

Learning a tech skill set gives you an edge over other candidates, Nowadays, hiring managers look out for candidates who have gone way ahead to learn an additional skill. Also, hiring managers usually look out for value-driven individuals, and more often, one popular question thrown at interviewees is, “What value do you intend to bring onboard?” The value referred to here is reiterated as how marketable are you?” and “what do we intend to gain by bringing you onboard our team?” It has nothing to do with the grades you graduated with. 

3. Increases your income

With the rise of new technologies, there are more opportunities now than ever, and one of the opportunities is that a career in tech affords you the opportunity to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Tech gives you the opportunity to earn cool money on the go; in view of that, learning a tech skill is one viable way to live the life you’ve always wanted and envisaged. There are people who got into tech, and their earning power went up by 1,000 percent.

4. You can work anywhere in the world

One of the perks of being in the tech space is the opportunity it affords you to work from anywhere in the world. You can work within the confines of your home and make some good money. Looking at the hustle and bustle of having to travel to work and the long traffic, there are possibilities of missing your bus. Being in the tech space, you are afforded the opportunity to work at your pace as long as you deliver the deliverables required of you. 

5. You don’t always need a degree

Another perk of working in tech is that you don’t always need a degree to be who you want to be. Going by most tech company ads, all they want to see is your creativity and your body of work, which is normally called a portfolio. A portfolio is a body of work signaling that you have been able to run projects successfully and that you know your onions. 

The first cohort of our tech university students started today, and the next cohort will be the February cohort. You can live the life you’ve always dreamed of; all you need to do is position yourself for the global realities that CareerEdu has brought to your doorstep.

With as little as 50,000 naira, you can be the next highly sought-after tech bro and tech sis.

Are you wondering how to get started? Send us a DM, and we are open to taking all your inquiries and registering you for the next cohort.

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