Japa Story: Education took me from the slums to America

My story is that of resilience, growth, and consistency in the midst of the struggles of life

I’d say I grew up quite early as I lost my dad while I was still very young and ever since my 100-level days, I had always wanted something different for my life, the goal was clear, to graduate with a first-class and, I worked and ran with this goal.

You would hardly find me engaging in any social activities, I’d rather keep up late, reading, studying and basically putting my best foot forward.

Nowadays, I hear people talk and downplay the importance of education and I feel bad for them.

When my first semester results were released, I had a whopping 5.0 and I planned that it remained that way, however, in 2012, life dealt a heavy blow to me and I lost my mom who was my only surviving parent, she left me with 3 younger siblings aged 5, 19 and 21 to cater for.

Our father’s family threw us out and sold the house which was the only property our father left for us. Life was hard juggling my academics alongside doing menial work to put the food on the table for my younger ones. I didn’t stop nor did I fret

in my third year, my grade dropped drastically and I ended up with a 3.7 GPA which was a blow considering the plan I had for graduating with not just good grades but perfect grades.

I sulked for days, Cried and I couldn’t eat but then., I knew I had to be strong, to just for myself but for my younger ones who consider me as the only parent they had. My second brother who was 21 got a job as a cleaner in one of the new-generation banks and supported us alongside the weekly jobs I did in school.

He had just finished secondary school so he had to drop out of school

I finished university with a 4.8 CGPA and was awarded as the best-graduating student in biochemistry in my set.

I started searching out opportunities rigorously until I came across a post on Twitter, a professor had just indicated his need for two graduate PhD students for a project.

I stalked him, read his profile, got more about the school and the professor and most importantly, researched the topic for the project and immersed myself in it.

I sent him a mail and luckily, he responded and was impressed with my work and grades.

Long story cut short, I got a fully funded PhD In his lab and relocated to the US for my PhD, no master’s or anything.

Now, my immediate brother learnt a tech skill and is currently doing well 

My younger brother is in university while the last born is now at secondary school and is doing fine. Ever since my relocation, our lives changed drastically, After my PhD, I secured a major deal as a lecturer and I have been able to build a health centre for my village in my parent’s name. My brothers are doing well and our lives have changed drastically for good. 

The major reason for sharing my story is to encourage youths that regardless of what the media has projected education to be as a waste of time, education can take you from the slum to places you’d never imagine you could get to.

Education is not a scam, education has never been a scam and education will never be a scam.

Peradventure you’re still in school, as much as you would be needing the right set of textbooks and materials, you also will be needing the right mindset. I had the grades I wanted to finish school with in mind and I was able to achieve it.

Education is not a scam, good grades are not a scam

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Thank you for reading through

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