I Made a Costly Mistake Which You Shouldn’t Make……..

I am actually sharing this because I don’t want anyone else to be a victim.

I graduated in 2014, and after two years of intense job searching, I stumbled on this job advertisement and reluctantly put in my application, but that was the beginning of my woes. My boss threatened to sack me if I didn’t have a fling with him. My moral and spiritual stand didn’t allow me, so I put up with several abuses over the span of two years. I got so emaciated that I had to hide most of the time whenever I saw my colleagues.

My boss was verbally abusive, and he picked on me at every single opportunity he got.

On April 25, 2019, I decided I was done with the abuse, and tendered my resignation letter. Even though I had nothing to fall back on except for a few bucks I had saved up, I was happy that I was going to be free from my boss’ abuse. I started applying for scholarships abroad in order to further my education and have foreign exposure. I applied for more than six postgraduate admissions because my sisters told me to.

It was a hell of a ride as I spent all my savings on application fees and traveling to get the requisite documents from my graduate university. I got several rejections, but I remained undaunted and continued to seek out opportunities. This was what led me to apply for a program in management at Nottingham Trent University, and luckily for me, I got admitted.I put in for the scholarship essay and got a 50 percent partial scholarship

My joy knew no bounds.

I had applied to some other universities, and at this time, I got some offers, but some were partial scholarships. I had also applied for a full scholarship program, and I was sure I was going to get it. Because of this, I didn’t bother to accept the other offers. Resumption was for September, and as of May 2022, I had not accepted any of my offers, nor had I processed the scholarship I got.

By July, I decided to mail the university, and the email I got weakened and dampened my spirit. I was told that I did not meet the requirements to be considered for the scholarship, hence the reason why they didn’t reach out to me. I was disorganised; I dashed to the other offers, and I had lost out, and time was against me already.

For the scholarship, I could no longer process it, and I sent a mail asking to defer the admission with high hopes that I’ll get the scholarship in the following year. Unknowingly for me, once you defer an admission, then you lose out on every scholarship opportunity that comes with it.

This is 2023; I reopened my offer and reapplied for the scholarship, and I ended up not being offered this time around. I missed this opportunity, and the reason I am sharing this is to encourage other people out there not to count their hens before they’re laid and also because a stitch in time saves nine.

When it comes to admissions, you can’t be too sure about anything because you might not get the other admission.

Make do with what you have 

Accept all your offers promptly.

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