The Top 5 Skills Employers look out for in their candidates 

In today’s world, it is no longer enough to have the right mindset and drive to get the job done, there are certain skills that every employer looks out for in their candidates. The recruiters have loads and hundreds of applications to sort, what exactly makes your application stand out are your skills and presentation. How you’re able to present yourself to your prospective employer is a core skill and, this presentation of skills and expertise is what is holding a lot of candidates from getting their dream jobs. 

In this blog, we have highlighted the top 5 skills that every employer looks out for in the right candidates and how you can present your skills and stand out in the pool of other applicants. 

1. Communication skills 

This is one viable skill you’ll need while job hunting and for every employee and job seeker, one of the reasons for your interview is to assess your level of communication and how freely and poised you’re able to communicate with other team members. It makes sense that our personalities influence our attitudes and behaviours, but even if you are a remote worker, you still need to have strong communication skills to be able to complete tasks and get work done.

Pro-tip; at your next interview, your prospective employer is able to judge your suitability for the position based on how well you communicate, which is mostly determined by how much you comport yourself by not giving room to undue anxiety. Consequently, you must control all excessive anxiety before it manifests itself during your interview.

2. Collaboration

Collaboration is vital for every organization and as an employee, and in order to get things done as an employee, you must be able to work with other coworkers. This is the reason why you are given questions in the interview that are designed to determine whether or not you can work well with others.

3. Time management

Completing your tasks when due will set you up for success and as such, there is the need to learn how to manage your time effectively for ultimate job success. There are tools that can help you manage your time more efficiently, The Pomodoro Technique is a time management system that encourages people to work with the time they have rather than against it. The technique provides that after identifying a task that you need to complete, set a timer for 25 minutes and work on the task with no distractions. When the alarm sounds, take a 5-minute break and repeat the process 3 more times and then you can take a longer 30-minute break and start again.

You complete your tasks faster and better when you master the art of effective time management 

4. Creativity

Your prospective employers will be thrilled with your ability to think creatively, as they will typically gauge it by looking at what you did at your previous workplace, your creativity is usually measured by your activities in your previous place of work. 

5. Technical skills

Nowadays, recruiters would most likely look and ascertain how you are a great fit for their organization by your core skills, depending on the organisation, and the technical requirements required to work in the specific industry. Technical skills would range from the use of Microsoft Word to the use of CRM positions for customer-related industries and to software management for core developer roles.

Depending on the industry you belong to, your core skills cannot be downplayed and as much as possible, as you’re job hunting, keep adding value to yourself by upskilling and getting better


While on the look for the job or perhaps you are on an interview panel for your desired job and you’re unsure how to present your skills to make your candidacy stand out, all you need do is be as real as possible and focus on your strengths and abilities while succinctly explaining in details your offerings and contributions at your previous job

Job hunting can be daunting and a heinous task, in view of this, always look out for these core skills and develop them to help you stand out from the sea of applications.

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