Doctoral Degree Research in Astronomy, KU Leuven, Belgium

Expires on: 05/30/2024

In the APER group (Astronomy & Physics Education Research) within the Department of Physics and Astronomy, we bring together theoretical and empirical research to gain a better understanding of learning and teaching processes around physics and astronomy – from primary to university education. The main research themes are related to the acquisition of conceptual understanding, the interplay between mathematics and physics, the role of representations in the learning process and the Nature of Science. The research will be conducted under supervision of Prof. Mieke De Cock (APER – Department of Physics & Astronomy), Prof. Hans Van Winckel (Institute of Astronomy – Department of Physics & Astronomy) and Prof. Wim Van Dooren (CIP&T – Faculty of Psychology & Educational Sciences) in close collaboration with Prof. Rodrigo Alvarez from the Planetarium in Brussels.


  • you hold a master’s degree in Physics or Astronomy or Psychology or Educational Sciences – with very good study results (at least level ‘cum laude’), or will obtain this very soon
  • a teacher’s degree from a university with a focus on physics education is a plus
  •  you have a strong interest in both education and science
  • you have an excellent knowledge and command of English
  • a good knowledge of Dutch is an asset (data collection with students)
  •  you are meticulous, systematic and persistent, but also sociable and focused on cooperation

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