Funded Positions for Doctoral Students in Structural Engineering, Oklahoma State University, United State

Expires on: 05/15/2024

The Kenawy Structural Engineering research laboratory at Oklahoma State University is offering funded Ph.D. positions for Fall 2024 under the supervision of Dr. Maha Kenawy. This opportunity provides access to cutting-edge research in civil infrastructure systems’ reliability and vulnerability assessment to natural hazards. Join our dynamic team and contribute to innovative research projects that address critical challenges in structural engineering.

The research conducted at the Kenawy Structural Engineering laboratory focuses on multi-fidelity numerical methods and high-performance computing tools to evaluate civil infrastructure systems’ reliability and vulnerability to natural hazards. Current projects include regional-scale risk assessment of civil structures during rare earthquake events, predicting extreme limit states under multiple hazards, and assessing infrastructure vulnerability to climate change effects. As a member of our team, you will collaborate with experts in various disciplines and have access to state-of-the-art computational resources and laboratory facilities, along with financial support for research and conference travel.


  • Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or a related field
  • Strong academic background in structural analysis
  • Programming experience in Python, MATLAB, or C++
  • Preferred qualifications include experience with numerical modeling of building or bridge structures and a master’s degree in civil engineering or related field (not required).

How to Apply:

  1. Apply to the doctoral graduate program in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Oklahoma State University through the department’s website.
  2. Email your CV and personal statement to Dr. Maha Kenawy at with the subject line “PhD Applicant for Fall 2024.”

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