Here are 5 things that makes CareerEdu stand out 

One of the major factors we all consider while making a buying decision is usually, “What makes this product different from the others?” In most cases, you can have this feeling of, I know a brand that is cheaper; why should I go for the slightly expensive one?”

At some point or another in our sales decisions, I am sure we must have felt this way. On social media nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see a pattern of ”what I ordered vs. what I got.” What this simply means is that the product or service a client requested for was not was not delivered.

However, it is common knowledge that inspite of all these, there are brands that have the best track records when it comes to delivering the product or service specifically requested. They deliver the best to suit the customer’s satisfaction. 

In this blog post, we examined and considered reasons why CareerEdu is your best bet when it comes to relocation, studying abroad, and work packages. And also, we will be discussing

What makes us stand out, and what you stand to gain by involving us in your relocation plans. 

1. Why CareerEdu

CareerEdu started off as a platform that provided free knowledge and resources about relocation packages to the teeming Nigerian youth. Our founder Dr Kelvin Alaneme was was infuriated by the situation specifically brought about by the End Sars Movement scenario of Oct 20 2020 in Nigeria and, he decided to do something about it hence the reason why CareerEdu was birthed. In our blog post, All you need to know about CareerEdu, we expounded more on how CareerEdu started and what it represents.

From the onset, the intention and purpose for which CareerEdu was founded was so as to take care of the teeming Nigerian Youths by connecting them to available global opportunites and bridging the gap between them and Global opportunites. The intention is to help you secure a blooming future and connect you to opportunities.

2. Our track record speaks for us

Most of the concerns usually expressed by people who make inquiries are, “Please hope this is not a scam.” In our three years of existence, we have helped over 9800 individuals and families relocate abroad by providing them with the necessary support to make their journey swifter and easier. Our results speak for us.

In recognition of our efforts at CareerEdu, our founder, Dr. Kelvin Alaneme, was honored as an alumni of Glasgow Caledonian University. He was awarded “GCU Alumni of the Year 2022.” Also, he was featured in reputable newspapers, the Punch and the Tribune in Nigeria, celebrating his efforts at making and providing ease of relocation for individuals and families in Nigeria.

3. We have a team of dedicated staff

As pointed out earlier, all of our administrators and staff members are well trained, and our team is made up of dedicated professionals who are involved in diverse arrays of industries.

At CareerEdu, you are dealing with core professionals.

4. We have what you need

We have access to every resource you’d ever need for your relocation, and we make the process easier and more simplified for you. You don’t need to do it alone. we are here to help you 

5. We are in partnership with over 100 universities.

Since the three years of existence, the CareerEdu community has grown not just in numbers but also in influence, and, as a result of this, we have partnerships with over 100 universities in the UK, Canadas, Australia, and the Romania And what does this mean? It simply reiterates the fact that we have all you need.

What do you need to do?

Send us a message to get started on any of our services and offerings.

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