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With over 47,000 active members, CareerEdu is the largest relocation platform in Nigeria and one of the country’s fastest-growing Ed-Tech startups. The company focuses on offering young people free relocation assistance, career advice, and educational information. CareerEdu has assisted over 1,000 young Nigerians to travel abroad for study and employment in less than three years of operation. CareerEdu provides a number of end-to-end services to make relocation simple and economical. CareerEdu offers a premium Ph.D. service, a care job service to the UK, proof of funds services, a four-week IELTS masterclass, a visa application service for individuals and families, a flight booking service, Tech Uni, It also provides master’s admission services to the UK, Australia, Romania, Canada, and Oman.

The journey started here.

CareerEdu was founded by Dr Kelvin Alaneme. This was in response to the Nigerian government’s response to the shootings that abruptly put an end to the #EndSARS demonstration in 2020.

He had posted on Facebook that anyone who wanted free advice on how to relocate could get in touch with him, and on the same day, he received roughly 500 messages over the course of the following 48 hours and replied to everyone. Responding to over 500 messages was quite exhausting.

Dr Kelvin Alaneme started by providing free knowledge and resources about relocation packages, and to further enhance it, he decided to set up a WhatsApp group for the community. Over 250 people joined the group in less than two hours, and he eventually had to switch to Telegram to accommodate more users and expand the audience.

Our offerings and services

To maintain the company’s relevance, we have also continually improved and expanded our operations. We’ve recently expanded to Australia, Canada, Oman, and Poland. Also this year, we entered into an established partnership with a group of 164 British universities earlier this year, which gave us easier access to affordable educational opportunities for young Nigerians.

Unlike every other relocation agency out there, CareerEdu is a platform that connects young people to opportunities around the world. CareerEdu is a people-driven platform as opposed to profit-driven agencies, which is why we have seen such rapid development in less than three years. Even though we generate some revenue from our services, our major objective is to assist young people in reshaping their lives through the numerous life-altering possibilities we offer via our platform every day.


Also, as part of the recognition of the work we do at CareerEdu, our founder, Dr. Kelvin Alaneme, was interviewed by the BBC in May 2022, during the BBC’s immigration week.

He has also been interviewed by Business Insider AfricaTechnextNaijaonpointTech economy, and several other reputable platforms.

Over 6,000 people and families have received relocation assistance since the brand’s inception more than two years ago, and what began as a WhatsApp group has grown into a major worldwide player. The number of team members on our team has increased to over 30, and they work across a variety of platforms. Our services are now available in multiple nations throughout the world, and we’ve gained widespread recognition.

Our Care Job Pathway Service has also proven to be quite successful in assisting people in finding employment and moving to the UK to work as healthcare assistants. Through this service, the site helps job seekers increase their chances of finding employment by adding them to job pools, assisting them with interview preparation, and generally offering them counseling up until they receive job offers.

Many of our members have gone through these processes, obtained UK visas, and are now in the UK; a significant portion of those we have assisted in relocating are care professionals, including doctors, nurses, and most recently healthcare assistants.

Also, our Tech University has offered the opportunity to teeming Nigerian youths to learn about core tech skills at affordable rates.

In recognition of the efforts of CareerEdu both locally and globally, our founder, Dr. Kelvin Alaneme, was honored as an alumni of Glasgow Caledonian University. He was awarded “GCU Alumni of the Year 2022.”

The future…

Here at CareerEdu, we are committed to providing a safe place where young Africans can access international and global opportunities.  In a bid to prepare them for the global economy, we look to becoming the top Ed-tech company not only in Nigeria but also in Africa and the world as a whole.

Do you have relocation dreams? 

Would you want to be a part of the winning team at CareerEdu?

Would you want to relocate with your family abroad?

Do you need help processing your admission? 

Do you need help processing your UK visa application?

Do you have dreams of becoming a sought-after tech sis or bro, your age notwithstanding?

Do you need guidance and tutorship on scaling IELTS?

Do you have any questions regarding relocation at all?

That’s our forte; you’re at the right place. 

Careeredu is your best bet. 

Send us a message today to get started.

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