Ishk Tolaram Foundation 2023 Wavecrest College of Hospitality Scholarship For Nigerians.

Are you searching for Wavecrest College of Hospitality Hospitality Scholarship 2023-2024. This page contains Wavecrest College of Hospitality Hospitality Scholarship application form, requirements, benefits and application deadline. Apply now

In a commendable collaboration between Ishk Tolaram Foundation and Wavecrest College, Lagos, an opportunity arises for young school leavers who aspire to gain a strong foothold in the realm of hospitality. The scholarship aims to foster the next generation of hospitality experts and ensure that financial constraints don’t impede deserving talent.

Wavecrest College, renowned in Lagos for its top-tier hospitality education, has announced its One Year Certificate in Hospitality Operations programme. The most striking aspect? It’s a tuition-free course, ensuring that young enthusiasts can cultivate their passion without financial worries.


One Year Certificate in Hospitality Operations at Wavecrest College Lagos


Prospective candidates must fit the following criteria to be deemed eligible:

  • Age Bracket: Young individuals between the ages of 16 and 23.
  • Financial Constraints: Those who genuinely do not possess the means for tuition and are ardently seeking scholarships.
  • Passion: Girls who exhibit a fervent passion for hospitality education.
  • Academic Excellence: A sterling performance in Wavecrest’s screening test is crucial, as the selection is fiercely competitive.

Method of Application

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  • Purchase the application form for a fee of N2,000. Payment should be made to Wavecrest College at Access Bank, account number: 0010546867.
  • Once the payment is settled, complete the application form online:

Note: The scholarship application commences only after admission has been secured. Hence, securing your spot in the college is the primary step.

For a more in-depth understanding or any queries:

  • Call 0909 685 6606.
  • For More Information,

Visit the Official Webpage

Application Deadline: October 24, 2023

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