Medical Officer

Responsible for:

  1. Undertaking patient consultations and physical examination
  2. Diagnose patient conditions using examinations and tests
  3. Organizing work load
  4. Promoting health education
    5.leading a medical team
    Solutions to keep the organization safe
    6.Managing a department
    7.liasing daily with staff including other doctors, non-medical management staff and health care professionals
  5. Writing reports and maintaining records
  6. Accessing and planning treatment requirements
  7. Monitoring and administering medications

Minimum Qualifications

  1. Ability to work with little or no supervision
  2. Good verbal and written communication

4.Must be efficient and organized

  1. Ability to work as a team
  2. Knowledge, skills and abilities required for the job, including minor surgeries and ultra sound skill as an added advantage
  3. Must be cordial
  4. Must have hmo skill set
  5. Must be patient
  6. Must be a good listener
  7. Problem solving skills

Medical doctors are provided with accommodation.

Location: Alimosho, lagos

Interested candidates should send CV to

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