MS/PhD Assistantships in Rangeland and Restoration Ecology, New Mexico State University, United States

New Mexico ,United States

  • Posted Date: 11/18/2023
  • Expires on: 01/16/2024
  • Description:Description The Rangeland Ecology and Restoration Lab at New Mexico State University, led by Dr. Magda Garbowski, is recruiting graduate students for Fall 2024. More specifically, we are recruiting:A MS student to lead experiments focused on how root and mycorrhizal traits influence plant survival under drought.A PhD student to lead investigations focused on which functional traits drive plant establishment, regeneration, and survival in dryland systems.Both students will have opportunities to conduct experiments in lab, greenhouse, and field settings (e.g., Jornada Experimental Range). Students will be encouraged to develop their own questions related to these projects throughout their graduate studies.How to Apply If you are interested in joining the lab, please contact Dr. Garbowski via email ( before January 16, 2024. Please attach a Academic CV to an email in which you discuss the following:
    1.  Your research interests and how they align with the lab’s core research goals
    2.  Your educational background
    3.  If you are applying to the MS or PhD program
    4. Research experience
    5. Why you are eager to attend graduate school
    Students who choose to apply to the lab will need to meet the requirements of the Range Science Graduate Program and apply to the program before February 1, 2024. Both positions will be supported through research and/or teaching assistantships. Individuals from traditionally excluded groups in science and higher education are encouraged to apply.  
  • Fields
    • Ecology
  • Qualifications
    • Bachelor
    • Master

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