Multiple Master’s and Doctoral Degree Fellowships in Mathematics, MINT, France

Expires on: 02/03/2024



Every year EUR MINT (Mathematics and Interactions in Toulouse) offers several Master and PhD fellowships in Mathematics.

The MINT Master and PhD program is strongly research-oriented and designed to follow students for up to 5 years leading all the way to the completion of his/her thesis. In ad2 to 4 PhD fellowships (monthly net salary around 1,700€)

  • 9 to 15 Master 2 fellowships (1,200€ per month) and 6 to 10 Master 1 fellowships (1,000€ per month)

Closing date for Master fellowships: February 3rd 2024 at 10.00 p.m (Paris time)

Please note that the call for PhD fellowships will open on February 1st 2024edition to standard courses in Toulouse, MINT promotes summer schools and series of lectures named “Masterclasses”, all revolving around research topics of current interest.

The MINT fellowships provide competitive funding as well as a number of complements including travel expenses to Toulouse, tuition and university fees, as well as financial support to attend conferences and schools either in France or abroad.

  • Fields
    • Mathematics
  • Qualifications
    • Bachelor
    • Master

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