Multiple PhD Research in Photonics, Aalto University, Finland

Expires on: 04/30/2024


PREIN Flagship is a Photonics Research and Innovation platform focusing on light-based solutions from scientific excellence to industrial and societal impact. To address the need of the industry for new high-level experts, the I-DEEP consortium was established based on the activities of the Flagship for PREIN, the photonics national research infrastructure FinnLight and Photonics Finland.  The I-DEEP programme addresses the urgent need for training experts in the rapidly growing photonics industry. 

You will mainly be working in the Micronova facility. Micronova’s facilities allow flexible processing and integration of micro- and nanoelectronic, micromechanical, photonic and fluidic devices. Substrate materials include silicon, III-V semiconductors, glass and quartz. The main wafer size is 150 mm, but also 200 mm and 100mm are supported for some processes. For some purposes even smaller samples are used. All necessary main process technologies are available, including optical and nanolithography, CMOS and BiCMOS, dry and wet etching, focused ion beam milling, micropackaging, wafer bonding, thin film processing and epitaxial deposition. 


Photonics and relevant fields (e.g., Physics, Electrical engineering, Nanotechnology, Material Sciences, Quantum).   

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