PhD in Microbiology, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Expires on: 1st February 2024


The Faculty of Health, School of Biomedical Sciences, in collaboration with the Centre for Microbiome Research, invites applications for two PhD positions under the research project “HoliCOW.” This project aims to decipher core host-microbiota interactions in cows to address the challenge of reducing methane emissions from ruminants. The successful candidates will contribute to a thorough mechanistic understanding of microbiological, biochemical, and genetic processes that influence methanogenesis in the cow rumen.


  • Honours degree or MSc in microbiology/bioinformatics

  • Emphasis on functional microbial multi-omic data analysis

  • Knowledge of a programming language (e.g., Python/R)

  • Desirable: Molecular laboratory, bacteriology, and/or cultivation-based experimental work

  • Desirable: Network-based analysis of multi-omics data
How to Apply

Interested candidates should contact Professor Phil Pope via email at for more information and application details.

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