All you need to know about getting your international passport in Nigeria 

Your international passport is your ticket to exploring diverse opportunities that abound overseas either as a student, a worker, or a permanent resident. The first thing to do while planning an overseas relocation is to get your international passport handy.

The Nigerian International Passports are exclusively issued to Nigerian citizens for international travel purposes. Currently, Nigeria exclusively provides electronic passports, commonly referred to as e-passports, for new passport applications. These e-passports come in two categories: “Standard” and “Official,” each designated according to its specific intended use., Getting an international passport in Nigeria involves a straightforward process, but it’s essential to follow the steps and requirements carefully to ensure a smooth application.

In this blog, we have analyzed the steps and requirements for getting your fresh international passport or your passport renewal

1. Application Requirements:

  • Proof of Nigerian citizenship: You must provide a birth certificate, certificate of indigeneship, or a Nigerian nationality certificate.
  • Local government letter of identification: Obtain a letter from your local government council or a sworn affidavit as proof of your residence.
  • Completed application form: You can access and fill out the passport application form online through the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) website or pick up a hard copy at the Immigration office.
  • Passport-sized photographs: You’ll need two recent passport-sized colour photographs with a white background.
  • Payment receipt: Pay the appropriate fee at designated banks and obtain a receipt.
  • Marriage/divorce certificate: If applicable, provide a marriage certificate or a divorce certificate.
  • Parental consent: For applicants under 16 years old, a consent letter from both parents is required.
  • Valid identification: You’ll need a valid Nigerian national ID card, driver’s license, or voter’s card.

2. Complete the Application Form:

  • Carefully fill out the passport application form. You can do this online or manually if you obtained a hard copy.

3. Payment:

  • Pay the passport application fee at designated banks or online using the Remita platform. The fee varies depending on the type of passport and processing time you choose.

4. Book an Appointment:

  • Visit the Nigeria Immigration Service website to schedule an appointment at the nearest passport office. This helps reduce waiting times and ensures a more efficient process.

5. Attend the Interview:

  • On the scheduled date, go to the passport office with all required documents, including the application form, payment receipt, and other supporting documents. Biometric data, such as fingerprints and photographs, will be captured during this process.

6. Collection:

  • After the processing period, you can collect your international passport in person from the passport office where you submitted your application.

7. Validity and Renewal:

  • Nigerian international passports are typically valid for 5 and 10 years for adults. It’s essential to renew your passport before it expires.

Things to avoid while coming for your interview
Please take note that when preparing for your interview at the immigration office, avoid wearing white clothing, as it may interfere with the camera’s white balance. Instead, opt for coloured clothing to ensure optimal photo quality.
Heavy makeup isn’t allowed
Large earrings are not allowed
eyelashes are not allowed
contact lenses are not allowed

After your interview, you will be given an identification slip. Always endeavour to keep this slip well because it will be required at the point of passport collection.

A standard passport is usually processed within two to two months, but it is advised that you do random check-ins as it might be ready for collection before the time given.

A copy of the old passport
Application fee
a copy of your National ID card

Two recent photographs

Note; Every applicant is issued an application ID and reference number in the process. Once payment is made, a Validation Number is given. This will be used to confirm payment and set an interview date.

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