Here are some of the 10 most affordable universities in the UK

The UK is unarguably one of the most expensive countries in the world to get a university degree.  In a research by the personal finance site, it was discovered that the UK is the fifth most expensive country in the world for students to study, after the United States, which comes in first, Australia, which comes in third, and New Zealand, which comes in second.

Also, in the United Kingdom, the fees are usually divided into home and international fees.

The home fees status; Generally, these are lower fees payable by local students who are Irish citizens, students from the EEA, and Switzerland while 

The international fees which are usually higher than the home fees sometimes 2 to 3 times higher are payable by non-EU, EEA students.

In view of these, finding an affordable university can be said to be the icing on the cake and as such, here in this blog, I have highlighted 10 of the cheapest universities in the United Kingdom.

1. Cumbria University; Founded in 2007, the University of Cumbria is a public research institution. Carlisle, a city in the Northwestern region of the UK, is where it is situated. It has a proven track record of engaging and embracing students from all over the world in multidisciplinary research. The university’s long-term goal is to provide its students with the skills they need to reach their full potential and pursue successful careers.
* All Undergraduate 3-year programme fees for 2022/23 are set at £13,250 per year.

* Pre-Registration Health degrees, are set at £16,000 per year. 

* All Postgraduate taught programme fees for 2022/23 are set at £13,250 per year.

*  MBA which is £15,000.

2. Leeds Trinity University; This university is at the heart of Horsforth, England, It was established in 1966, and in 2012 it received full university status. Although the University is modest in comparison to most UK universities, it provides high-quality courses at reasonable costs.
In various humanities and social sciences, the institution provides foundation courses, undergraduate coursework, and postgraduate degrees. Every year, there are more and more international students attending the university.

* The three years undergraduate course is set at  £12,000 per year 

* The annual tuition fees for most of the postgraduate programs at Leeds Trinity university range from  £4,400 to  £11,500. For courses like creative writing, the annual tuition is set at 4,400 and for Ma criminology, it is set at  £7,500 and for an MBA, it is set at  £11,500

3. University of Plymouth; Another public university is Plymouth University, which is situated in Plymouth, South England. For international students, Plymouth Marjon University provides a secure, single-campus setting in one of the most picturesque regions of the UK.
The arts & humanities, commerce, health sciences, and natural sciences are among the five primary faculties that make up this affordable university in England for international students.

* The average tuition fee for undergraduate programs is between  £13,000 

* The average tuition fee for post-graduate programs is usually between  £11,000

4. University of Bolton; The University of Bolton was first established in 1824 as the Bolton Mechanics Institute. Subsequently, the institution underwent a series of changes, gained the authority to provide taught degrees in 1990, and received its current name in 2005.
The British Psychological Society and the Nursing and Midwifery Council, among other professional organizations, have recognized more than 30 University of Bolton courses. 

* Undergraduate courses per year are set at  £12,500

* Postgraduate courses per year are set at  £12,500

5. University of Chester

The college which later became the University of Chester was founded in 1839 by such pioneers as the 19th-century prime ministers William Gladstone and the Earl of Derby and a future Archbishop of Canterbury. The school steadily increased the variety and nature of its courses, which span from animation to zoo management, as well as the number of students enrolled during the 20th century.

* The undergraduate yearly fee is set at  £12,950

* The post-graduate degree programs are set at  £13,308

6. University of Hull;

For 90 years, the University of Hull has been influencing people’s thinking. Our company’s motto, Lampada Ferens, means “carrying the light of learning,” and throughout the years, they have done just that by illuminating the minds of tens of thousands of students from all over the world.
As the fourteenth-oldest university in England, they have a rich tradition of academic excellence and a track record of innovating and stimulating ground-breaking research. And we don’t intend to cease contributing to creating a better world.

* The standard fee for undergraduate courses is  £9,250

* The standard fees for postgraduate taught courses are between £10,000 to  £12,000 per year. 
7. University of Sunderland

Another public research institution established in 1901 is the University of Sunderland. It is situated in Sunderland’s northeastern area. This is one of the most reasonably priced institutions in the UK that oversees and administers campuses in Sunderland and London.

The university has five main faculties, which offer a wide range of academic specialties to students. In the UK’s top 100 universities, the university has continuously been listed among the top 100. The college provides affordable courses in the UK for students from other countries.

The yearly postgraduate fee is set at  £12,000 yearly

The postgraduate is set at  £13,000 to  £14,000 yearly

8. University of Suffolk; The University of Suffolk, formerly known as University Campus Suffolk, opened its doors in 2007 as a cutting-edge new institution of higher learning created in collaboration with the Universities of East Anglia and Essex, who initially validated all of our courses and provided joint awards to all of our graduates. Since establishing independence in August 2016, the University of Suffolk was authorized to provide its own undergraduate and taught postgraduate degrees.

The average tuition fees for students from outside the EU/EEA are £12,996 to £13,996 per annum.

9. Teeside University; Teeside University has a well-established national and international reputation. The institution ensures that it provides its students with great education through its extensive array of study options and top-notch teaching and research. This university continues to draw more international students thanks to its affordable tuition rates.

* The yearly undergraduate fee is set at 14,000

* The yearly postgraduate fee is also set at 14,000

10. Middlesex University; The history of the university dates back to 1878. It was one of the first teacher-training institutions in Britain. And now, they continue to train over 400 teachers annually and have become a choice university destination for students all over the world

The undergraduate yearly fee is set at 9, 600

The post-graduate yearly fee is set at 10,000

The undergraduate yearly fee is set at 9, 600

The post-graduate yearly fee is set at 10,000

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