The Differences Between The New Zealand 🇳🇿 Recovery Visa And The Australian 🇦🇺 482 Work Visa Pathway

Our last blog discussed the New Zealand recovery visa’s critical features, eligibility, emergence and benefits. We got a series of inquiries about the New Zealand Recovery Visa and the Australian 482 work visa. This blog has answered and simplified some of the most frequently asked questions about these two visa categories.

We have also highlighted the differences, key similarities, time frames and all you need to know about these two visas.

The New Zealand Recovery Visa

As mentioned in our previous blog, we explained that the New Zealand Recovery Visa was introduced to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing specific individuals to remain in New Zealand and supporting the country’s economic recovery. This Visa was designed for people in New Zealand on a temporary work, student, or visitor visa who could not leave due to travel restrictions.

The following are the Key features of this Visa 

  1. Temporary Visa

 The Recovery Visa is a temporary visa that allows individuals to stay in New Zealand for a specific period.

  1. Limited Eligibility

Eligibility for the Recovery Visa was specific to individuals already in New Zealand on a temporary visa and meeting specific criteria.

  1. Economic Recovery focus

The Visa aimed to support New Zealand’s economic recovery by allowing individuals to contribute to the local workforce.

The Australian 482 work visa (Temporary Skill Shortage Visa): The Australian 482 Work Visa, also known as the Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) Visa, is a common pathway for skilled workers to work in Australia for an approved employer. 

Purpose of this Visa 

This Visa aims to give skilled people with a relevant occupation work in Australia for an employer. 

One good thing about this visa type is that it is designed to address specific skill shortages in the Australian labour market. 

What are the key features:

  1. Temporary skilled Visa: 

The Australian 482 Work Visa allows skilled workers to work in Australia for a specified period.

  1. Employer sponsorship

To be eligible for this Visa, an individual must have a job offer from an Australian employer willing to sponsor them.

  1. Skills assessment 

Depending on the occupation, a skills assessment might be required to demonstrate the applicant’s qualifications and experience.

  1. Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement

Applicants must satisfy the Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement, indicating that they intend to temporarily stay in Australia for work.

It’s important to note that these two visas serve different purposes and have varying eligibility criteria. 

Here are some of the differences and similarities 

  1. Purpose

The New Zealand Recovery Visa was introduced as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic to support those already in the country, while the Australian 482 work Visa is a pathway for skilled workers with job offers from Australian employers to address skill shortages.

     2. Eligibility 

While the New Zealand Recovery Visa targets skilled and unskilled foreigners, The Australian 482 work visa targets skilled workers. It is more stringent compared to the New Zealand Recovery Visa. An IELTS result of at least a band five is required.

    3. Job experience 

For the Australian 482 work Visa, you must have worked in your nominated occupation or a related field for at least two years, while for the New Zealand Recovery Visa, as an applicant, you must have sufficient skill and expertise for the work you are employed for.

   4. Time 

The New Zealand Recovery visa is for migrant workers coming to New Zealand for a short time, up to 6 months. Still, it can be extended depending on the agreement between you and your employer. For the Australian 482 work visa, you can work in Australia for four years, and you can apply for permanent residency 

   5. Cost

The New Zealand Recovery fee costs $700 fee will be refunded automatically for successful applicants. For the Australian 482 work permit, the Visa costs AUD3,035.00 for the principal applicant and each dependant 18 years and over. It costs AUD760.00 for each dependent under 18 years old.

  6. Processing period

The processing time for the Australian 482 work visa varies and could be between 5 months or more. For the New Zealand Recovery Visa, the time could be two months or less.

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